NGS Automation Solutions

Greater accessibility to NGS platforms, lower sequencing costs, and a proliferation of both research and clinical sequencing applications continue to fuel the demand for high-throughput NGS sample preparation. Automation of NGS sample preparation processes, such as library construction, quantification and normalization/pooling offers many advantages, including higher sample throughput, less hands-on time, greater reproducibility, and improved process control.

The Solix DNA and RNA Library Preparation Kits are optimized for automated, high-throughput NGS library construction. In addition to automation-friendly protocols, 96-reaction library preparation kits contain the necessary overages required by automated liquid handling platforms. We also provide validated protocols for Illumina® DNA library construction for various liquid handling platforms, and methods for other kits and platforms are continually in development.

Solix Library Quantification Kits provide for accurate, reliable, and high-throughput quantification of NGS libraries prior normalization and pooling for multiplexed capture and/or sequencing. The workflow (sample dilutions and qPCR setup) is easy to automate in either 96- or 384-well format. Validated methods are available for selected platforms. Automated Solix Library Preparation methods offer:

  • A choice of platforms: Validated methods are available for the major liquid handling platforms used in NGS.
  • High quality libraries: Methods are carefully optimized, and validated to produce similar library yields, complexity and sequence coverage, as libraries prepared manually with our chemistry.
  • Flexibility: Methods are compatible with a wide range of sample types and inputs, support different barcoding strategies, fragment sizes, batch sizes, and offer control over key library construction parameters for different workflows.
  • Convenience: Minimal user intervention is required for batches of up to 96 samples.

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