Direct Blood PCR

PCR-based genetic testing is a well-established diagnostic tool for inherited diseases, ancestry, and forensics. Current protocols rely on laborious DNA extraction steps, as wild-type DNA polymerases are completely inhibited by less than 0.2% whole human blood. Poor amplification efficiency is likely the result of the inactivation of the DNA polymerase by multiple inhibitors (e.g. hemoglobin, IgG, lactoferrin, proteases, anticoagulants, and salts) and inaccessibility of the template and/or primers in the crude sample.

Solix Biosystems has evolved the first DNA polymerase designed specifically for the efficient amplification of DNA fragments directly from whole EDTA blood. Using Solix Blood PCR Kits, DNA fragments may be amplified directly from reactions containing whole human blood without pretreatment of blood samples or DNA isolation.