Isothermal cross priming amplification

All-in-one system: result in, result out

l  Integrate nucleic acid extraction, amplification and detection in a self-contained instrument.

l  No manual operations needed after sample loading.

l  Automatic and intuitive report of result.

Three steps only:

1.Add extraction solution to cartridge;

2.Add sample to cartridge

3.Close cartridge, scan QR code on cartridge cap, and the system will run test program and report result automatically.

For each sample, one single test provides one enclosed cartridge and independent extraction solution

1 min

55 min


1.Inactivated VTM: directly collect sample with VTM and load it into the instrument for detection.

2.Non-inactivated VTM: inactivate sample for 30min at 56 before detection.

Low risk.

Extraction, amplification completed in one enclosed cartridge.


Integrated instrument without the need of extra testing space.



Available for 4/8/16 modules.

Each module runs independently, providing instant test for clinical patients as soon as they arrive.

l  Diagnostic Kit for M. tuberculosis Complex DNA (CPA Assay)

l  Diagnostic Kit for Novel-Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) RNA (Isothermal Amplification-Real Time Fluorescence Assay)

Users do not need to open the cartridge after sample loading. After test, used cartridge is directly disposed of as medical waste at high temperature and pressure.