ChIP Sequencing

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) combined with high-throughput sequencing analysis (ChIP Sequencing or ChIP-Seq), is a powerful method for identifying binding sites of DNA-associated proteins throughout the genome.  ChIP is an antibody-based technique used to enrich DNA molecules that interact directly with proteins, including transcription factors, replication-related proteins, and histones.

Subsequent library preparation and sequencing enables the understanding of how transcription factors and other chromatin-associated proteins regulate gene expression and epigenetic processes.

The amount of enriched DNA available for sequencing analysis is often limited; therefore the construction of high quality libraries from low input samples is critical.

Solix Biosystems offers library preparation kits that provide increased yields of adapter-ligated library molecules and reduced amplification bias, which translates to higher library diversity, lower duplication rates, and more uniform coverage for low-input applications.