Sanger Sequencing

Solix Biosystems offers a range of engineered DNA polymerases for upstream DNA amplification and downstream finishing for Sanger DNA sequencing applications.

Solix HotStart DNA Polymerase offers faster and more efficient Hot Start PCR than competitor enzymes based on wild-type Taq.

Fast HotStart DNA Polymerase is an engineered DNA polymerase designed specifically for high-throughput, high performance Fast PCR. 


Solix Robust HotStart DNA Polymerase is a novel DNA polymerase derived from wild-type Taq through molecular evolution, and is specifically designed for high performance PCR in chemically complex environments. The enzyme is resistant to many inhibitors commonly found in crude samples and is ideally suited for the routine amplification of difficult templates (i.e. GC-rich) and samples. The increased processivity and specific activity of  HotStart allows for improved PCR success rates across diverse primer sets and sample types. 

Solix Long Range HotStart DNA Polymerase is recommended for the amplification of long templates perfect for sequence gap closure. The fidelity of Solix Long Range HotStart is 3x – 6x improvement over Taq polymerase.