Molecular Evolution


"Evolution is a search algorithm that finds needles of good design in haystacks of possibility" 

The rational design of enzyme function has proven largely unsuccessful due to the complexities of protein structure and the difficulty of adequately modeling the cumulative effects of protein modification. For these reasons, a preferred strategy for protein engineering involves mimicking evolution.

Solix Biosystems is deploying a suite of high-throughput directed evolution technologies for the discovery and optimization of novel protein products. Wild-type enzymes become engineered enzymes as a result of this technology platform.

The key drivers of our technology involve:

  • The generation of extreme genetic diversity within the protein as a substrate for screening
  • The development of assays that select for the desired protein structure or function

Recent innovations in mutagenesis library construction, in vitro genotype-phenotype linkage, and selection assays capable of screening millions of proteins in parallel have finally unlocked the potential of molecular evolution.