AffiPCR® 2X KeyPo Master Mix (Dye Plus)

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AffiPCR® 2X KeyPo Master Mix (Dye Plus)

AffiPCR® KeyPo DNA Polymerase is a new generation of high-fidelity DNA polymerase based on the directed evolution of KOD DNA Polymerase. It maintains ultra-high amplification success rate and sensitivity, and can achieve rapid amplification of 5 sec/kb. This kit has a wide range of applicability to conventional templates, high GC systems (primers or templates) and uracil-containing templates. By adding two monoclonal antibodies that can inhibit its 5'→3' polymerase activity and 3'→5' exonuclease activity at room temperature, this product can perform a highly specific hot-start PCR reaction. Meanwhile, AffiPCR® KeyPo Master Mix is a pre-mixed 2 × Mix, which can be amplified by adding template and primers for greatly simplifies the operation process. The amplification product of this kit is blunt-ended and can be used in homologous recombination kits (AffiGEN #AFG-VZ-C112/AFG-VZ-C113/AFG-VZ-C115) and TOPO cloning kits (AffiGEN #AFG-VZ-C601).


Components AFG-VZ-PK511-01 AFG-VZ-PK511-02 AFG-VZ-PK511-03
2X KeyPo Master Mix (Dye Plus) 1 ml 5 × 1 ml 15 × 1 ml



AFG-VZ-P511 AffiGEN AffiPCR® 2X KeyPo Master Mix (Dye Plus)
R045 TaKaRa PrimerSTAR® Max DNA Polymerase
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