AffiPCR® One Step RT-PCR Kit V2

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AffiPCR® One Step RT-PCR Kit V2

AffiPCR® One Step RT-PCR Kit V2 in specially designed for end-point PCR detection that directly use RNA (e.g. virus RNA) as template.

Reverse transcription and PCR can be finished in one tube in the presence of Gene Specific Primers (GSP), which requirng non additional opening/pitting operation. This can greatly increase the assay throughput and reduce the risk of contamination.

Integrating the superior performance of HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase, Champagne Taq plus DNA Polymerase ( dedicated for long fragments), and optimized buffer, this kit can amplify long fragments of more than 10 kb. The kit in provided in the form pf Master Mix. 2X One Step includes optimized buffer system and dNTPs. One Step Enzyme Mix contains proportionally optimized HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase, RNase inhibitor and Champagne Taq plus DNA Polymerase.


Components AFG-VZ-P611-01
50 rxns (50 µl/rxn)
Rnase-free ddH2O 2 x 1 ml
2X One Step Mixa 2 x 625 µl
One Step Enzyme Mixb 125 µl
10 x DNA Loading buffer 1,25 ml


a. It contains dNTPs.

b. It contains RNase inhibitor, Hi Script II Reverse Transcriptase, Champagne Tag plus DNA Polymerase.


Store at -30~-15°C and transport at ≤0°C.

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50 Reactions (50 μl/Reaction)
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