AffiPCR® Green Taq Mix

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AffiPCR® Green Taq Mix

AffiPCR® Green Taq Mix only needs to add primers and templates to perform amplification reactions, which reduces errors caused by pipetting operations and improves throughput and reproducibility of results. The optimized buffer system can effectively inhibit non-specific amplification and the generation of primer-dimers. The product can still maintain stable activity after repeated freezing and thawing. The product contains green Loading Buffer, which can be used for electrophoresis directly after the reaction. The 3' end of the PCR product has an A, which can be cloned into a T vector and is suitable for the ClonExpress rapid cloning kit (AFG-VZ-C112/AFG-VZ-C113/AFG-VZ-C115/AFG-VZ-C601).


Components AFG-VZ-P131-01 AFG-VZ-P131-02 AFG-VZ-P131-03
Green Taq Mix 5 x 1 mL 15 x 1 mL 50 x 1 mL



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