AffiPCR® 2X LAmp Master Mix

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AffiPCR® 2X LAmp Master Mix

This AffiPCR® 2X LAmp Master Mix is a powerful and reliable solution for advanced LAMP detection systems. It can be used to detect a variety of targets with high specificity and sensitivity and is specially designed for use in large-scale analyses. Get quick, accurate results with this high-performance Master Mix.

AffiPCR® 2X LAmp Master Mix is a mixed enzyme of Taq DNA Polymerase and a protein containing 3'→5' exonuclease activity (proofreading activity). The fidelity is 6-fold higher than Taq DNA Polymerase. With a specially optimized buffer system, LAmp Master Mix is suitable for Long-range PCR (up to 21 kb when using the genome as a template). It has high amplification efficiency for templates of different origins and lengths. AffiPCR® 2X LAmp Master Mix contains LAmp DNA Polymerase, dNTP and optimized buffer system. It only needs to add primers and templates to perform amplification reaction, thereby reducing pipetting operations and improving detection throughput and reproducibility of results. The system contains protective agents that keep 2X Master Mix stable in activity after repeated freezing and thawing. This product is available in a version containing loading buffer and tracking dye, so PCR products can be directly loaded for electrophoresis after the reaction, which is convenient to use. The PCR product has an adenine at the 3' end that can be cloned into the T vector. It is compatible with ClonExpress and TOPO cloning kits.

Storage Conditions:

Store at temperatures between -30°C and -15°C, and ensure transportation at ≤0°C. After thawing, they can be stored at 4°C for up to three months, maintaining their quality and efficacy.

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